Doom and Gloom in 2014?

wall-street-bull Recently an investor I know wrote to me asking, “I am thinking about selling almost everything in my portfolio.  I keep reading these doom and gloom articles that there is going to be a big sell-off if not downright crash. What do you think?” Here is my “on the fly” response. First, investing and money […]

Preparing the Way

Swift- WIlogoroundedsmall.gif Currently, all Worldview Investing recommendations are on hold as they are analyzed. Back in 2010, Worldview Investing was launched with two recommendations, GCC and TBF.  Both investments have performed poorly, to say the least.  GCC stayed around even over this time.  TBF has steadily declined. Worldview Investing followed these investment recommendations up with recommendations in early […]

Follow Me on Twitter

Twitter_logo_blue The Twitter account @MrChrisClay is used almost exclusively for Worldview Investing.  Do you want to know what is being read?  The latest investment ideas? Stay up to date on economic news? Make sure to add @MrChrisClay to your follow list.  We will keep you informed and in the loop!

Natural Resource Partners Guides Down

NRP_color_cmyk Natural Resource Partners guided down.  The Street gives a quick write-up.  I am working on re-doing the Worldview Investing portfolio – keeping some investments, adding more, and removing a few.  Natural Resource Partners will be one of the investments that I will analyze. “We did not see the recovery in the coal markets that we […]

Worldview Investing Up 28.3%

wi_roi If you had followed the investment recommendations in our articles and newsletters, you would be up 28.3% in your portfolio. Annualized out since 09/28/2010 your annualized return would be 8.48%.  Non-weighted total returns are 17% and each non-weighted annualized returns averaged 11.9%.  We have had some good winners like FXF, INTC, SAM, EZIDF, AAPL and […]

The Challenge of America

americachallenge America is at a crossroads today.  We live in a country struggling between two identities. America is bar none the most powerful nation the world has ever known. Socially America dominates the cultural landscape.   Of the top 31 movie viewing countries U.S. movies account for over 50% of box office admissions in 24 of those […]

Money Talk – Swiss Franc

Worldview Investing published an article entitled “Money Talk” on March 15, 2011 in which we recommended various savings vehicles including primarily gold, Australian dollars, Singapore dollars, and Swiss francs. Unfortunately Switzerland is not happy with the status of their currency being a “safe haven” currency and has announced their intentions to purposefully inflate (i.e. devalue) […]

Money Talk

Let’s talk money.  My focus is usually on investing and earning above average returns.   Why? Because investing hard earned resources for the future is the action of a prudent and wise person.  I’m in good company with this philosophy; just read the parable of the talents which Jesus told his disciples.  Saving a little today […]

Surviving and Thriving

I remember reading Andy Grove’s book, “Only the Paranoid Survive”, in 1997-1998, and thinking, this guy is as hard driving as they come.  Andy Grove was, at the time, the ultimate leader of Integrated Electronics Corporation, known as Intel for short.  He led Intel through the 90’s and Intel became a powerhouse.  Since 2000, Intel […]